Automotive component
Automotive component


SA Automotive has vast experience and knowledge of overhead systems. Our team is equipped to work with mass produced high volume programs, we design and provide headliners from simple substrates to complete modular systems.

These systems may include: sunvisors, lighting, wiring, speakers, sensors, consoles, front and side airbags, attachment systems, and Head Impact Components (HIC).

A variety of processes are available from thermoform to thermoset including the following constructions:

  • ProBondTM (Thermoset)
  • Polypropylene/Glass (Thermoforming)
  • Dry Polyurethane (Thermoforming)
  • New Injection Molding behind fabric
Automotive component
Automotive component

Cargo Management

SA Automotive provides full development and production of complete integrated Cargo Management Systems.

Some of the components we can produce are:

  • Parcel Shelves
  • Side Trims
  • Trunk Trims
  • Deck Lids
  • Load Floors

Environmental Impact

Our cargo management systems provide the best solutions possible while keeping in mind the impact on the environment.

Automotive component

Seatback Covers

Our company provides full development and production of complete and ready to assemble door components such as Seatback Covers. The material and construction selection requires an understanding of the requirements and the limitations of the material options.

SA Automotive has a wide variety of seatback options such as:

  • Compression molded substrate
  • Injection Molded Substrate
  • Hand Wrapping
  • PVC lamination

Injection Molding

SA Automotive provides full development and production of single shot injection molded parts and low pressure back injection, we are capable of manufacturing products such as:

  • Storage Bins
  • Cargo Frames
  • Hard Trims
  • Side Trims
  • Headliners
Automotive component
Automotive component

Door Panels

Our company provides full development and production of complete and ready to assemble door components such as:

  • Map Pockets
  • Bolsters/Inserts
  • Armrests
  • Door Uppers

SA Automotive utilizes innovative processes (thermoforming, thermoset, lamination, edge-wrapping) and materials (NFPP, XR, PP-GF, ComStockTM) to improve safety and appearance, reduce mass, and lower cost.

Automotive component
Automotive component

Load Floors

With our dedicated global team of experts, SA Automotive strives to remain in the forefront of the load floor segment. Our broad range of technologies allow us to provide our customers with unique solutions. Our technologies range from single sheet fluted corrugated PP to multi layered composite systems.

These systems may include:

  • Living hinge
  • In-mold Components
  • Integrated Rail Systems
  • Surface Lamination
  • Edge Wrapping

Environmental Impact

We believe that understanding the environment and exceeding required part performance levels are the foundation of a successful design and development process. With this in mind, we offer targeted solutions for mass and packaging space optimization.